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Your Comparative Advantage

Dioceses, churches and monastic orders face significant challenges in the 21st century. We offer state-of-the-art methods and thought leadership focusing on community analysis, long-term strategies and innovation, as well as organisational design and process improvement. Our solutions also help non-profit organisations (NPOs) to enhance marketing & communications. Clients benefit from our proven approach to focus on sustainable solutions and impact.

Our Team

Our strategy experts, management specialists and finance experts have worked for numerous organisations in several countries. Our interdisciplinary team of theologists, management specialists, business economists and lawyers delivers best solutions for dioceses, churches, monastic orders and NPOs. We support leaders based on empirical evidence and a tailor-made approach.

Our Projects

In our projects, we help churches and non-profit organisations to evaluate performance and deliver new strategies. For example, our consultants developed an analysis how living Christian tradition in a monastic order affects leadership today. Based on a proven methodology, we created a coherent leadership model based on Biblical and Franciscan sources. Our Team also helped NPOs to deliver statistical analysis on the evolution of actors in different sectors.


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