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Your Benefit

In a world of change, governments must achieve and sustain impact that meets or exceeds expectations of people and businesses. TradeRx helps leaders in the public sector to promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth as well as full and productive employment. Governments benefit from our consultants’ cutting-edge research and proven methodologies regarding innovation, foreign trade and economic development. Advise from TradeRx helps governments to benefit from thought leadership and state-of-the-art analytical methods.

Our Team

We are experienced practitioners and renowned academics with extensive knowledge and an outstanding track record in analytics, strategy and organisational design. Further areas of our work are operations & change as well as marketing & communication. TradeRx team members have worked for public sector clients in more than 30 countries. Policy analysts, business economists, strategy experts, finance specialists and lawyers deliver world-class solutions for governments around the globe.

Our Projects

Our team of strategy experts, policy analysts and finance experts provided, for example, benchmarking analyses for government financing instruments, delivered economic analyses in WTO trade disputes, developed the new Industrial Strategy 2030 for the government of Armenia, supported the Swiss government with strategy advise for infrastructure finance and assessed operations, risks and impact of the official financing system for the Finnish Government. Members of the TradeRx team have successfully delivered more than 100 projects in Africa, Asia, the Americas, Europe and the Middle East.


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