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Innovation Funds


Your Benefit

Economic prosperity is strongly connected with the ability to create or sustain comparative advantage through continuous innovation. Our consultants help innovation funds to foster businesses’ competitive performance in 21st century knowledge economies. You benefit from our consultants’ outstanding track record, supporting innovation funds to implement focused strategies and deploy a stakeholder-focused approach. We help to implement strategies to enhance scientific research and upgrade technological capabilities of future-oriented industrial sectors.

Our Team

The TradeRx team consists of innovators, researchers and public management consultants with an outstanding track record regarding growth and innovation as well as digital, corporate and business unit strategies. In addition, our work centres on analytics, innovation funds’ organisational design as well as operations & change. Team members have worked for public sector clients in more than 30 countries, delivering 100+ projects on all continents in order to support domestic technology development, research and innovation.

Our Projects

In our projects, TradeRx experts use their strategic acumen and insights to deliver client-centric answers. Team members supported the Swiss government developing and implementing a new technology fund with a focus on climate protection through innovative technologies. Further projects include an in-depth analysis of OECD countries’ innovation strategies and instruments for a development bank in Asia, as well as strategic advice for the establishment of a new innovation fund in the Middle East enabling breakthrough solutions across different sectors.


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