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Your Comparative Advantage

Outstanding trade promotion agencies are not only defined by an aspirational vision but also a strategy that delivers. TradeRx helps clients to achieve and sustain excellent results that meet or exceed expectations. Our solutions focus on the creation of sustainable value, understanding that this is vital for long-term impact. Trade promotion agencies benefit from the successful TradeRx approach to focus on transformation and performance.

Our Team

TradeRx team members have worked for clients in more than 30 countries. Analysts, management experts, finance specialists and lawyers deliver best solutions for trade promotion agencies. Based on empirical evidence and our tailor-made approach, we support agency leaders on their strategic journeys. Our interdisciplinary approach is part of our consultants’ 20+ years’ success story.

Our Projects

In our projects, we help clients to design world-class solutions for their organisation. TradeRx consultants supported, for example, a European government on inward investment strategies covering both generic and sector-specific approaches. Furthermore, we helped Botswana Development Corporation with the enhancement of a trade promotion instrument. Our team members also assisted a government in the Middle East to design a supportive business environment for trade and foreign direct investment.


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